Bachelor of Science in Tourism

The BS Tourism Program of UP AIT is a four-year course focused on developing leaders with a broad understanding and knowledge relevant to tourism development and management. The program includes courses on:

  • Functional areas of management (marketing, finance & accounting, human resources, etc.).
  • Industrial sectors of tourism (transportation, accommodation, travel services, and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE).
  • Tourism development and management (planning, ecotourism, Philippine culture and tourism, special topics, etc.).
  • Tourism research (research methods and thesis writing) and
  • General education (arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and statistics)
  • Internship in any of the industrial sectors of tourism.

To be admitted to the BS Tourism Program, a student must either be a 1st Year Student accepted in the UP College Admission (Test)

Students from other UP campuses or other Colleges/Universities can also apply for transfer to UP AIT. Accepted applicants should meet the required grade and earned units at the time of enrollment.

Shifting and transfer applicants can submit their application directly to the Office of the Institute Secretary, Asian Institute of Tourism (suggestion to have a google form submission page to automate the S2, T1 application)

Applicants from other schools should submit their application to the Office of the University Registrar

1. To be eligible for admission to the BS Tourism Program, a student must either be:

  • Freshman admitted through the UP College Admission (UPCA); the student has completed High School level. Graduating from high school, and has never attended any college or university? Apply for the UP College Admissions.
  • A shiftee or transfer student from other UP campuses, or other Colleges/Universities:
    • 30 units for UP Students (S2 & T1 Category*)
      *S2 – Shifting within UP Diliman and T1 -Transferring from other UP Units
    • 33 units for non-UP Students (T2 Category**)
      **T2 – Transferring from other Colleges and Universities

Applicants cannot make up for any inadequacy in the number of units by enrolling during the Midyear period or the semester after the application period.

Tourism courses taken in other schools cannot be credited to substitute the major subjects in the curriculum of UP AIT. Only General Education (GE), Physical Education (PE), and National Service Training Program (NSTP) units can be applied for substitution, upon approval of the AIT Admin and the University Registrar.

2. The General Weighted Average (GWA) requirements for applicants should be at least:
2.00 – for UP Students (S2, T1)
1.75 – for non-UP Students (T2)

3. Applicants must also pass the interview by the AIT Admissions Committee.

  1. The first screening will be the number of units earned and the GWA. All applicants must pass the first screening before proceeding to the second level.

    For T2 applicants, the screening will be done by the Office of the University Registrar. Once they have validated your credentials, only then can UP-AIT proceed to the second level of screening.

  2. The second screening will be the interview. Applicants who pass the first screening will be given a schedule for their interview set by the Admissions Committee. In light of the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews will be conducted online. Please ensure that you have a valid and working e-mail account and access to stable internet connection.

  3. The applicants will be ranked according to:
    60% of the applicant’s GWA
    40% of the interview grade

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We listed down some of the Frequently Asked Questions in the graduate program to help guide you. If you have further questions not covered in this FAQ, please send us an inquiry through

UP AIT offers the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management (GDip TDM) which leads to the degree of Master of Science in Tourism Development and Management (MSTDM).

The graduate program courses are listed here. You may also view the description of courses here If you would like to know more about the subjects, please send us an e-mail.

All tourism and non-tourism graduates, with at least 1-year work experience and who would like to obtain a diploma and/or an advance degree in the field of tourism management and development may apply.

The list of requirements and downloadable application forms can be found in this page.

Yes, applicants whose work experiences are non-tourism related are welcome to apply. However, all applications will be assessed based on results of entrance examination, interview, academic performance, essay, and recommendations.

At present, UP AIT does not accept shiftees for the Graduate Program. Courses/Subjects taken in other colleges or universities will not be credited for the completion of the GDipTDM and MSTDM.

The entrance exam uses different types of questions that aim to assess your current knowledge, comprehension, logic, and analytical skills. Advanced knowledge of tourism is not required.

The application process is conducted online. Please ensure that you have read and understood the program details before submitting your application here. Once you have completed the application requirements, you can now proceed to submit your application.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Graduate Program office at

The UPAIT Graduate Program is intended to meet the professional development needs of graduates to advance their careers in the tourism industry. Thus the UPAIT Graduate Program as much as practicable will offer weekday evenings (5:00 PM onwards) and Saturday classes (scheduled between 8 AM – 7 PM).

Graduate students are advised to take 9 units to get full load credit per semester or an equivalent of 2 – 3 classes per semester depending on the course credit units.

All students enrolled in the Graduate Program of UP AIT need to take a total of 21 units of required and elective Courses, which will allow the completion of a Graduate Diploma. Should the student want to advance to a Master’s Degree, the student needs to take 16 or 19 more units depending on the track they choose; Plan A is a thesis track with 19 units or Plan B, a non-thesis track with 16 units.

Full-time GDipTDM students, taking a normal load, may complete the degree in three semesters (approximately 1.5 years). The time limit for the completion of all diploma requirements shall be no more than two (2) years starting from the student’s first enrollment in the course and shall include all leaves of absence from the program.

If GDipTDM graduates choose to continue to MSTDM, you must complete an additional 19 units (Plan A, thesis track) or 16 units (Plan B, non-thesis track), which may be taken in two semesters and one mid-year term. The time limit for the completion of the Master’s requirements shall be three (3) years, starting from the student’s first enrollment in the course and shall include all leaves of absence from the program.

Yes. There will be time limit of 2 years from enrollment for the GDipTDM, and a time limit of 3 years for MSTDM, maximum years to finish is 5 years.

The cost per unit is Php 2,000 and the estimated cost of tuition fees for full load per semester is around Php 20,000 – 25,000.

Students and prospective applicants are requested to search for available grants or scholarships at the University of the Philippines Office of Scholarships and Student Services.

For list of available scholarships visit the website of the University of the Philippines Office of Student Scholarships.

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