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The call for the nomination for the next Dean of the Asian Institute of Tourism is on.  Current Dean Miguela Mena is approaching the end of her third year of deanship, which is the normal time frame for a dean's administration.  Dean Mena however may still be reinstated to her current post as tenure may still be extended for up to two more terms.  Nominations are currently being received by the Search Committee for the AIT Deanship from 8:00 am of 13 June to 12 noon of 24 June 2013.

AIT faculty, staff, students, and even UP alumni and other interested stakeholders are allowed to nominate.  Normally, a public forum by the nominees are held that would present their vision and plans for the Institute.  This entails a glimpse of what may potentially be at stake and what can be pushed forward for AIT's future.  Below are the requirements for nomination:

  • Nominator(s)'s signed nomination letter containing the justification for the nomination (please include current contact details of the (first) nominator;
  • Nominee's summarized curriculum vitae (at most 3 pages);
  • Nominee's signed letter of acceptance of the nomination, stating willingness to serve as Dean; and
  • Nominee's plans for the Institute in broad terms, including his or her flagship programs and ideas for a smooth transition.

The above documents must be printed copies with original signatures as appropriate, and soft copies in an USB drive.

All letters/nominations shall be addressed to:

The Nomination Committee for the Deanship of the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT)  ℅ Dean Rosalinda Ofreneo, Office of the Dean

College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD)

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Diliman, Quezon City

Any nominee must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Preferably a PhD (or the equivalent) degree holder in management, and related fields.
  • Authorship of peer-reviewed research publications in tourism, management, and related fields.
  • Relevant administrative experience.

Several important events such as the Public Forum will take place.  The schedule of activities related to the deanship can be found in AIT's Events Calendar page.


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