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Anna Tayag and Ceejay Boller

Another school year is about to end with several things to look back and reflect, as well as many exciting things to look forward to.  Last few weeks have been an endurance test for many senior students who took underwent their TOUR 200 thesis defence.  At the end of the day however, many felt the joyous moment of finally ending the barrage of questions from their panelist professors.  Such joy was just a quickie for most still had to experience the next step of revisions and incorporation of comments and suggestions.

The rest of the student body however did undergo the infamous "hell weeks" of seemingly never-ending rain of brain-melting tests, papers, and presentations.  This is the tradition everyone undergoes.  Aside from students, the faculty also faced the gargantuan task of reading and checking loads of papers and deliverables aside from the already thick thesis papers in queue.  It was truly a bustling time followed by the calm after the storm and liberation from such busy times.

The AIT faculty will be meeting soon regarding the very much awaited proposed Masters of Science and Master of Tourism Development and Management.  It is in hope that such levelling up will be realized soon.  Several changes are already happening around AIT such as the new landscaping job of the front yard and the Microtel Hotel being built next door.  Many though are still left as hanging questions such as the Institute's new campus to move inside campus or retention but complete renewal.  At this point, only time will tell.

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