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Danj Lopez

Students took their votes to the polls on Thursday for the 2013 University Student Council Elections, with a straight victory for all candidates of Student Action for Responsive Leadership in Tourism (START-AIT).  From the total of 244 who voted at AIT, the winning 220 votes for the Institute's SC Chair went to Danielle Grace "Danj" Lopez.  Only 24 abstains were registered this year compared to last year's 100.

This year also saw a record-breaking voter turnout of 76.97%, compared to last year's 70.59%.  Among the registered 317 voters, 244 went to the AIT computer lab to vote.  Although full results are still coming, AIT may also beat last year's 3rd place record of the top turnout of voters in the university.

"This becomes significant because it breaks the stereotype of AIT as being isolated or having little participation because of its far-off distance. Next year, attention by running candidates will focus on us since we are a vote-rich institute," said Asst. Prof. Paolo Fresnoza who oversaw the voting on Thursday.

Below is a summary of the winning candidates and their vote count:

Chairperson:  Danj Lopez 220, Abstain 24

Vice-Chairperson:  Karla Reyes 167, Abstain 77

AIT Representative to the University Student Council:  Myca Bonoan 164, Kyel Muñoz 60, Abstain 20


Lady Razen Singson 176

Ghie-Ghie Calderon 174

Rouanna Opong 173

Tina Sanchez 159

Lav Joaquin 123

Abstain 35

4th Year Representative:  Jamz Pojas 47, Abstain 15

3rd Year Representative:  Jeff Foronda 31, Abstain 11

2nd Year Representative:  Rowena Tañafranca 34, Abstain 1

It is necessary for candidates to obtain a vote count percentage of 50%+1, which translates to 123 votes in total, hence Lav Joaquin made a cliffhanger win of just the right number of votes.

AIT has been a bailiwick for the KAISA party, which comprised almost all of the Institute's candidates much like last year.  It was only the brave Kyel Muñoz of STAND UP that challenged the 11 candidates of the yellow side.

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