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Some books at AIT

AIT has the most extensive collection of tourism books, references, and resources in the country

The Library features 14,600+ books related to tourism, and counting!



Library Service Hours:
Monday – Friday,  8:00 am – 5:00 p.m.

The Library provides the following main services and facilities:

  • ILIB - Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
  • Database searching  (Online Journals)
  • Free Wi-Fi, INTERNET


Loan and Circulation Services

Students who are currently enrolled, regular faculty and staff of UP may borrow or loan materials.

Readers Assistance Services

The Library provides orientation to new students as well as researchers upon request.

Reference Services

The Library answers bibliographic queries and caters to information needs of library users.

Bibliographic Services

Upon request, the Library prepares bibliographies on specific topic.

Current Awareness Services

  • Current contents – contains the table of contents of newly-acquired subscriptions of periodicals, which are given to the faculty to disseminate information.
  • List of theses – a list of theses submitted by the AIT students that will guide the users in writing their own paper. These are arranged chronologically.
  • List of Reserve Books – the list provides the titles that are currently in the reserve collection  and recommended by Faculty for their respective subject.


1. Entering the Library

  • Students who are currently enrolled, regular faculty and staff of UP may use the library upon presentation of a valid ID and Borrower's Card issued by the college library.
  • Alumni, former faculty and staff may use the library upon presentation of a valid ID and proof of former UP status. They will be issued a special library card (orange card) which will entitle them to free use of the library for five(5) days per semester or summer; after which they will pay a research fee of PHP 20.00/day or PHP 450.00/year.
  • Government researchers may use the library upon presentation of a valid office ID and referral letter from the office's Head Librarian. They will be issued a special library card (Orange card) which will entitle them to free use of the library for five(5) days per semester or summer, after which they will pay a research fee of PHP 20.00/day; PHP 450.00/semester; or PHP 300.00/summer.
  • Private Researchers and graduates from other schools may use the library on Mondays only, upon presentation of a valid office or school ID and referral letter from the office's or school's head librarian. They will be issued a special library card upon payment of a research fee of PHP50.00/day; PHP450.00/semester; or PHP300.00/summer.

2. Reservation of Audio Visual Materials

  • Reservation should be made at least three days before the presentation time
  • Reservation of materials should be endorsed by the faculty in-charge

3.  Fees / Fines

  • Internet
    • UP Member Php20/hr
    • Non UP/ Alumni Php50/hr
  • Computer Printout

Hp deskjet black P5.00 / page

  • Circulation

Php2.00/day exclusive of Sundays and Holidays

  • Reserve book

A student who fails to return the book on time shall pay Php1.00 for the first hour; Php5.00 for succeeding hours; Php50.00 for one full day inclusive of Sundays and Holidays. A second offense within a semester shall subsequently suspend/curtail this privilege for the rest of the semester or summer.

4. Lost Book

Replacement of same title or payment of its current value plus 50% of the cost of the book. If lost book is found, a fine of Php2.00/ day is computed from the due date until date of return, but not to exceed the current cost of the book. If current cost cannot be assessed for certain materials, e.g. Filipiniana materials, 50% will be added to the acquisition cost.

5. Lost ID / Computer/Internet card

Bona fide student of the University who losses his or her identification card shall report the loss immediately to the college library. Students are instructed to secure a temporary ID in order to use the library for the time being. In securing a temporary ID, the Form 5, Receipt of payment for ID (php130.00), appointment slip issued by the registrars office and a 1x1 picture are required. Temporary ID is valid until the date indicated in the appointment slip.

Internet cards are issued by UPD libraries to 2007 freshmen and transferees and all students who are covered by the 2007 revised tuition and other fees. This entitles a free use of computers for internet access for the first 20 hrs (AO No. PERR 07-86, issued 17 Oct. 2007). The card is non-transferable and if lost, free internet access will be forfeited.

6. Falsification and use of someone else’s Identification Card

Any person who falsifies the identification card shall, after due process, be suspended from the University for not more than one (1) semester. Any person who uses an identification card (ID) that is not his or her own shall have his library privileges suspended for not more than one semester (based on University Library Rules).

AIT Library


  • A UP Webmail Account is required to borrow books.
  • A maximum of five books are allowed for undergraduate students.
  • A maximum of ten for graduate students.
  • Ten circulation books may be borrowed by the faculty for one month. These materials are renewable only once, on the due date.
  • Alumni, former UP faculty, staff, and government researchers, private researchers,      and graduate students from other schools have Library Room Use privileges.
  • Circulation books can be loaned out for two weeks during regular semesters and one week during summer.
  • Loaned materials can be renewed only once on the due date.
  • Only two materials at a time are allowed for room-use materials i.e., thesis, reference books, periodicals or journals.
  • A maximum of two reserved books are allowed to be loaned out, provided that these are of different subjects.
  • Reserved books borrowed for overnight use should be returned on or before 9:00 a.m. the next day.
  • Claiming of reserved materials is 2:00 p.m./ and 4 p.m. for single-title books.


The Institute is proud to have the biggest and most up-to-date compilation of tourism books and journals in the country. The collection consists of books, periodicals, theses, audio-visual materials mainly about tourism.

A.  Books

The AIT books are grouped into four, namely: Filipiniana Books, Reserve Books, Reference Materials and Circulation Books. These materials are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System (LCC).

  • Filipiniana Books – are materials written about the Philippines either by Filipino or foreign authors. The books are placed on open shelves.
  • Reserve Collection – are usually the required reading materials of faculty for their respective subjects. The reserved books are on a closed shelves so users must request the title they want to borrow from the staff in-charge at the desk. Only two books are allowed to borrow at a time. Reserve materials for overnight use should be return on or before 9:00 a.m. the next day.
  • Circulation Books - are placed on open shelves. They can be borrowed for a minimum load period of three days and a maximum of two weeks.
  • Reference Materials – dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlases, directories, handbooks, manuals, etc. are referred to as General Reference Materials.  These are placed on open shelves, and are for room use only.

B.  Periodicals

Journals, magazines, and newspapers are referred to as Periodicals. These materials are grouped into two: Foreign and Philippine journals. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title. Journals are for room use only but can be photocopied upon request.

C. Theses – 1980-2011

Theses are placed on closed shelves and are for room use only. Xeroxing is strictly prohibited.

D.  Other Reading Materials - include the vertical files, reading supplements provided by the faculty. These are for room use only but can be borrowed for photocopying.

E. Audio-Visual Materials – the audio-visual materials are borrowed for classroom purposes upon the recommendation of the faculty in-charge. These materials are strictly exclusive for AIT students and faculty only.


Tel. no.   (02) 981-8500 loc. 2797