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Previous and Current Extension Service Projects

For over 30 years, AIT through the DTRES has become the leading institution for tourism-related training, capacity-building, and extension programs and services.  Training has been delivered by the institute's pool of academe, consultants, and professionals that have extensive background and are pioneers of the industry.  Both the private and public sectors have approached the DTRES for further training since it first opened its doors for such services in the '70s, and still continues until today.

The DTRES also offers wide ranging extension services aside from training.  Such services include the formulation of destination Tourism Master Plans, tourism business planning, tourism surveys, tourism asset and resource management, destination mapping, special events planning, tourism planning evaluation, and other technical services related to tourism.  Most often, the faculty of AIT are directly involved as the prime consultants for such projects.

Recently, AIT has been involved with the capacity training for tourism entrepreneurs in the Province of Ilocos Norte, as well as for the technical evaluation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Tourism Investment and Enterprise Zone Authority.  For a more comprehensive list of other services that the DTRES has conducted, click here.

AIT, through the DTRES, is continuously open to conduct training in line with tourism management, operations, and various other facets.  In addition, the DTRES is open to professional consultation and the conduct of other technical services for both the private and public sectors. For inquiries on prospective services, please contact the Division of Research and Extension Services at 926-9442 or email or