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The Institute

The U.P. Asian Institute of Tourism is the premier institution of tourism education in the Philippines. It is the first school in Southeast Asia to offer a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Tourism.

Its mission is to upgrade the travel and tourism profession by providing high quality education and training to students who will be the industry's future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and technical experts.


The Institute performs the three basic functions of teaching, research and extension, fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To develop leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and qualified staff for the tourism industry
  • To provide a place for the conduct of professional and technical programs for the hospitality industry
  • To assist in the development, growth, and professionalization of tourism
  • To provide a realistic instructional and research laboratory for tourism operations and management

Today, AIT remains in the forefront of tourism education and training in the country. As tourism becomes a global strategic agenda, it continues its leading functions and actively maintains its links with the various sectors of society.


AIT Building Complex